My fascination with the doll began at an early age...not any particular type of doll, I liked them all.  

That remains the same...I am still fascinated with a variety of dolls - although today it would be considered figurative art.  I love anything with a face.

As for my own work, I strive to project an inner peace within each doll as well as outer beauty.  In other words,  it's important that when I look at my art that it is pleasing to the eye but I also want it to 'feel' soothing in a way. With so many things going on in my life, the creative process becomes calming and I hope that is reflected in my work.  And as I put the finishing touches on each piece,  the joy of seeing the 'reveal' is very rewarding. 

I work in both cloth and paper clay.  Each medium has its own strengths and weaknesses. But both have given me an avenue to explore and create my own version of the doll.
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