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About Me
Dolls were always my favorite gift as a child - from Barbie to Poor Pitiful Pearl to paper dolls - it didn't matter. 

As I grew up, dolls gave way to fashion. I was a teen when London fashion was all the rage. I covered an entire bedroom wall with  fashion magazine photos.  (an early Pinterest page?) 

Mary Quant, Twiggy, Yardley, Biba and the MOD styles inspired me.  On my first day of school in 8th grade I wore an outfit I had made - a white 'nothing' blouse with a lime green jumper that had a giant scoop neck to the waist.  Completing the outfit were the had-to-have accessory of the day - white 'go-go' boots.  It was fabulous!  My (male) science teacher made fun of the boots right off and I never wore them again (well, that and it seemed everyone began wearing those boots with anything!  No longer the fashion statement.....)

I was an art major in college and over the years I quilted, made baskets, decorative wood items, cornhusk dolls, dolls from other patterns, murals, interior design, etc.  And then, in 2003, I discovered the Art Doll.

                The art doll is not a play doll.  
                                It is figurative art.  

It is in this art form that I am able to utilize all of the fun of the doll with the fabulousness of fashion.  And it allows me to draw from all aspects of art that I have enjoyed throughout my life.

Birds of a Feather   
20", paper clay .
My sweet little granddaughter
Katelyn Jo Belieu 
who died from SIDS on May 14, 2008.  
She lived for 84 days.
who lick here to add text.
In my studio for 'Where Women Create', 
Feb/Mar/Apr 2018